Women's Health Diagnostic and Treatment Options CHCL offers the highest quality of women’s services to manage and improve health.Comprehensive women's care services are available ranging from preconception consultations, pregnancy care,…

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Women’s Health

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Virtual Care / Telehealth Digital Health and Telemedicine CHCL is determined to keep your safety first. We give patients access to virtual care to discuss any health concerns you might…

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Virtual Care / Telehealth

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Radiology Diagnostic and Treatment Options CHCL uses high tech imaging to diagnose and treat diseases. Radiology is used to find fractured bones, detect injury and infection, or to locate foreign…

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Pediatric Care Diagnostic and Treatment Options CHCL strives to provide the best care available for your child. From well-child checkups, including immunizations and developmental screenings, through treatment of chronic conditions…

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Dental Care Diagnostic and Treatment Options Adult Dental CareThe dental team at CHCL will help you achieve and maintain a healthy mouth and beautiful smile. We offer comprehensive exams, x-rays,…

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Dental Care

Laboratory Testing Options CHCL offers routine specimen collections for adults and children, which can include blood draws and urine collection. Using CHCL is a fast and easy way to ensure…

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